This Week in Classical Music with Randy Kinkel 10/28/18

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Barenboim Returns to Chicago (briefly);

Concertgoer Pummelled in Sweden over gum 


It’s “This Week in Classical Music”; an update on what’s happening in the classical music world; I’m Randy Kinkel.

It’s been 12 years since conductor Daniel Barenboim stood before the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, which he led as music director from 1991 to 2006. So when Barenboim returns Nov. 1-3, you might ask, Why has he stayed away?

“Because when I finished, I finished – I don’t’ really believe in going back,” says the maestro, 75, I closed the chapter. But now when Mr. Muti asked me to come, I said, ‘Why not?’” adds Barenboim.

“… It’s a very long relationship. Many reasons and many memories that make me very happy to go back.”

 “I’m going with a sort of sentimental feeling, but also a lot of curiosity,” says Barenboim. “The woodwind section is practically new to me. I’m looking forward.”

 “I tell you – you don’t need me to say it was a great orchestra – the whole world knows,” he says.“But let me tell you what was unique about it, and that was the professional ethic of the orchestra. I have never encountered that in another orchestra.

Later This week Barenboim leads the orchestra in Bedrich smetana’s “Ma Vlast” in Chicago.


The piece that is said to be Gustav Mahler’s love letter to his new bride Caused a fistfight at a Swedish venue recently.  

the Adagietto from his symphony #5 transports those who hear it — but annoying sounds from fellow concertgoers can put a damper on this ethereal musical experience.

It was The rustling of a gum wrapper at a performance of the symphony last week in Malmo that brought several concertgoers to blows.

As Andris Nelsons and the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra played, a woman in the balcony rustled a bag of gum.

a young man sitting next to her glared a few times and then lost his patience. He grabbed the bag from her and threw it onto the floor… But after the piece was over, The gum-rustler proceeded to smack him in the face, knocking off his glasses.

The woman’s male companion then grabbed the man by the shirt and began to punch him. Other patrons eventually intervened, stopping the row.

 “We seized the opportunity and felt that it was a good situation to write something up about etiquette and correct behavior,” a spokeswoman for the venue said.


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