Mozart Buffet

Mad About Mozart

Mozart Buffet Fans--You think YOU have a lot of candles on your birthday cake?  Mozart turns 260 this month! That’s Mad Longevity—and we’re celebrating MAD ABOUT MOZART WEEK-- by playing one of his greatest hits at  the beginning of each hour starting the 25th! You can join the party by telling us YOUR favorite Mozart piece and why. Then listen to hear a Mozart Favorite on Mad About Mozart Week every hour from January 25th thru the 29th! 89.5 FM and

The Mozart Buffet with Randy Kinkel-- every Sunday at Noon, an hour of Great music from the 18th century with Mozart and some of the other composers that made up his musical world.  the 18th century was an incredibly vibrant time -- Art, Ideas, music, even the instruments were changing and being improved upon.  it was the Era of Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Boccherini and Salieri-- plus thousands of other lesser known composers who helped weave the rich tapestry of music in the 1700s.