K-BACH Members of the Month


K-BACH Members of the Month

Thank you for your generous support!


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Ms. Sheila Smith

“As a full time retail financial manager, mother to a senior in high school and care giver to an elderly parent, I have come to rely on K-BACH to restore my sanity :)"


October 2014


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Ms. Lynn Russell and Charlie

“While vacationing in Arizona, I was thrilled to find KBAQ, a truly classical music station that plays music almost every minute of every day! I was equally thrilled to find that I could "tune in" to KBAQ from my home in Kalamazoo, Michigan!  Thank you for making my classical music 'addiction' so amazing! I love KBAQ!”


September 2014


Ms. Joan Abrahamson

Ms. Joan Abrahamson

“I support K-BACH because it is a cultural gem in our community.  A one of a kind musical experience I can’t imagine life without K-BACH!”

August 2014

Ms. Chris Clark

Ms. Chris Clark

”K-BACH is important to me because I love to listen to music that I love to play! I am a horn player in community bands & orchestras. K-BACH lets me relive so many good performances, and brings "new to me" music as well.”

July 2014


Ms. Anne Pira

“After taking a music class in college I really got into classical music – I can still name the instruments as I hear them in the musical pieces  I am listening to.  I put the radio on when I get up and it goes off when I go to bed.  I also leave it on when I’m not here so my cats can enjoy the beautiful sounds while I am not here!”

May 2014

Mr. Alan Newman

Mr. Alan Newman

“K-BACH is important to me because this precious music station is available anytime, anywhere around town.  It is my number one source for discovering music that I must add to my own music library.”

March 2014

Image 4 Mr. Bob McGinnis

“I was absolutely heartbroken when we lost our last commercial classical station, and overjoyed when K-BACH commenced operations. I listen to K-BACH in the house, on-line, in the garage when I am doing woodworking, and it is the first button on my car radio dial. The music ranges from soothing to wildly exciting, and is essential to my well-being. I would not be as happy without it."

February 2014

Julia Norton Ms. Julia Norton

"As a Reflexologist, I know what relaxation does for the body.  K-BACH music is calming to listen to at home and on the road in the city traffic.  I love not having commercials!"

December 2013


Ms. Bonita Lopez

"I got turned on to classical music through a college course I took about 50 years ago.  I especially enjoy listening to it in my car."

November 2013

Mr. Christopher Kaplan and Mrs. Sue Kaplan-Anderson

"In this ever stressful world of today, it is helpful to know classical music remains important on K-BACH to help clam, relax, educate, enlighten and continues bringing good classical music to the listeners.  Thank you!  We love K-BACH!"

October 2013

Ms. Joanne Barrett

Ms. Joanne Barrett

“My life’s unrelenting goal is to surround myself with beauty in all its forms, beauty that feeds all of my senses.  K-BACH and classical music can make my soul soar to magical places.  The music can take me far away from the everyday mundane things in life (like being stuck in traffic) and brings me serenity and joy.  Thank you for the beauty and magic that you bring into my life!”

September 2013