Jonathan Cohen brings Baroque Connections with Les Violons Du Roy

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Jonathan Cohen posed in front of a black backdrop.

Our guest today is the Artistic Director of the French-Canadian ensemble, Les Violons Du Roy. A group, which has a core membership ­of 15,­ was ­brought ­together ­in ­1984 ­by ­founding­ conductor Bernard Labadie and specializes in the vast repertoire of music for chamber orchestra. The­ orchestra ­­regularly ­delves into ­the ­repertoire ­of ­the ­17th, 18th, 19th, ­and 20th centuries, and Cohen talks about the ensemble, its sound and some of its history in addition to the upcoming program.

This April 29th, they will be performing in Scottsdale with pianist, Inon Barnatan. For tickets and more, visit