The Heart of the Arts: Four Chambers Press

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Four Chambers Press is a small literary publisher based in downtown Phoenix. In only three years, Four Chambers has produced a literary journal, several anthologies, and one poetry collection – and there's a lot more on the way. The group organizes regular writing workshops at local venues, and they even host an ongoing literary salon, called “Get Lit,” at Valley Bar. The group has a steady stable of volunteers, but at the heart of Four Chambers are Jake Friedman and Kelsey Pinckney. Jake comes from Maryland and Kelsey from California, but they met in Phoenix and have become the humble power-couple behind this vibrant literary collective. Jake and Kelsey joined us on K-BACH’s “Heart of the Arts” to talk about their thriving grassroots project.This segment is the third of a four-part series on the Phoenix literary scene hosted by author Robert Isenberg.

***Note: The original on-air broadcast Four Chambers feature ends at 2:27, the full interview audio (web-only) follows.

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