Guitars For Vets and ASU Music Therapy Make a Great Duo

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From Left to Right, Tim McAlee, music therapy student, Wes Ricks, veteran, Robin Rio, Director of ASU's Music Therapy Clinic, and Scott Tonkinson, graduate candidate of music therapy (Photo Credit Lanni Solochek)

Guitars for Vets, a national non-profit, was founded in 2007,with the aim of ehancing the lives of ailing and injured military veterans by providing them with guitars and music instruction. In 2012, ASU's Music Therapy Clinic collaborated with the program, aiming to deepen the healing experience for veterans.

To learn more about Guitars for Vet, contact: Anthony Taddei [email protected]

To learn more about ASU Music Therapy, regarding programs to be a participant in a music therapy session, or admission to ASU, Majoring in Music Therapy, contact: Robin Rio at [email protected]