Brian Smith

Brian comes to KBACH having worked at public and commercial radio stations in his hometown of Atlanta, Georgia, dating back to 1988. He also worked as a voice actor, voice-over talent, and media producer for a dozen years.

Brian’s love of classical music, public radio, and music performance all began at the same time. He was ten when he discovered the local classical station and picked up a trumpet, an instrument that stayed with him all throughout elementary and high school, a stint in the military, college, and beyond. During high school, he also attended the Georgia Academy of Music studying music theory and composition. When at Georgia State University, he attended the University of Georgia as a transient for two quarters to play in the Redcoat Marching Band for what was football-great Herschel Walker’s final college year.

In public radio, Brian came up as a classical announcer, rising to Music Director of Georgia’s 11-station state network, then named Peach State Public Radio. He hosted classical and jazz programs, also programming his and other shifts. There, he served previously as the network’s production manager.

At Atlanta’s WABE, he spent nine years anchoring local news on NPR’s Morning Edition, and for part of that time he also hosted afternoon drive at an eclectic format commercial station, WGKA. This is when he also started providing voice-overs to business clients in the Southeast, something that would become a full-time business in 2005.

Brian moved to Phoenix in March of 2017 following a years’ long desire to get back into radio and the format that was his first love, classical music. He’s thrilled that a position became available in a part of the country he’s always enjoyed visiting.

Brian is KBACH’s Associate Program Director. He hosts weekend programming and serves as guest host when weekday personalities Sterling Beeaff and Jon Town are away from the station. Brian lives in Tempe. He’s a landscape photographer, a woodworker of the rough-hewn kind, and he loves his Kindle.