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Big Plans for LA Phil's 100th;
Berklee Apologizes for Student Abuse.


It’s This Week in Classical Music, an update on what’s happening in the Classical Music World: I’m Randy Kinkel.

the LA Philharmonic has big plans for their upcoming centennial season—in 2019 it will be the 100th anniversary of its first concert, and the Orchestra has hired Frank Gehry, Who designed Disney Hall, to create a permanent home for Gustavo Dudamel’s YOLA youth education project.

The new YOLA Center will be housed in an existing facility in Inglewood that Gehry is transforming into a space for teaching, rehearsing and performing for the 1,000 kids who don’t otherwise have access to music education.

And, as part of the celebration, the Orchestra promises to finally attempt to project images on the hall’s outside steel skin at night as architect Gehry had originally envisioned.

The L.A. Phil plans to premiere 50 new works that it has commissioned. Details won’t be announced until next year, But the commissions are for symphonic, dance and music-theater pieces from the likes of Philip Glass, Steve Reich, John Adams, as well as works by younger emerging composers.


Berklee College of Music president Roger Brown told a packed campus-wide audience last week that the school has terminated 11 faculty members in the past 13 years for sexual misconduct.

hundreds of students, many holding signs, marched down  Boylston Street at lunchtime to a gathering to discuss sexual assault and harassment at Berklee.

The meeting came after a Boston Globe story that chronicled incidents since 2008 in which students reported being assaulted, groped, or pressured into sex with their teachers, according to court documents and interviews.

Brown started by apologizing and pledging a faster and more transparent system for dealing with sexual misconduct.

“To everyone who has been harassed or abused at Berklee, I am so sorry,” said Brown, who has led Berklee since 2004. “I apologize for this institution. It’s unacceptable. It breaks my heart. It goes against everything that makes me want to be here in the first place.” Brown also promised to “root out” abusive behavior. “We are not going to tolerate it,” he said.



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