THERMAL Phoenix Heats Up monOrchid Gallery

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Courtesy of monOrchid
Image courtesy of monOrchid
Charmagne Coe Crave Aurora- Courtesy of monOrchid
Kevin Caron "Countersink:"


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(Image Courtesy of monOrchid)

MonOrchid is an idea… the passionate idea of valley native and photographer Wayne Rainey.

MonOrchid is also a space to be filled with ideas: 14,000 square feet of exhibition space and offices.

Last November Justin Germain joined monOrchid Gallery as the new art program director. An Arizona native, Justin strives to bring a new level of awareness and interest in the downtown arts community. His latest effort, THERMAL Phoenix, opens Friday, June 7 and runs through Friday, August 30. The monOrchid gallery is located at 214 E Roosevelt St. in downtown Phoenix.

Featured artists: Kevin Caron, Diane DiBernadino-Sanborn, Mary Bruns, Morgana Wallace, Jason Rusnock, Peter B Klein, Daniel Funkhouser, Sarah Kriehn, Sabrina Peros, Mano Sotelo, Lee Davis, Larry Willis, Jason Hugger, Josh Louchheim, Jeanna Voellmer, Jayme Blue, Jon Jenkins, Ivan Delvasto, Dan Pederson, Charmagne Coe, Anthony Vasquez and Rose Clements

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(Kevin Caron's "Countersink" -Image Courtesy of monOrchid)