"Simply Three"

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Image 1Finding your passion is a wonderful gift - finding a way to make your passion your life’s work is a product of ingenuity and hard work. The hard work is made a bit easier if you’re enjoying what you do and “Simply Three” is having great fun.

The trio of young musicians, all graduates of the School of Music at Arizona State University, had great teachers and continue to receive even greater support from those teachers and a growing fan base.

The members of “Simply three” are violinist Olivia Lemmelin, Nicholas Villalobos, double bass and cellist Zack Clark. They stopped by the K-Bach studio to speak with Sterling Beeaff about their latest projects.

for music by “Simply Three”  http://simplythreemusic.com/itunes

for more about the latest project:     http://kick.simplythreemusic.com