Heart of the Arts: North Valley Symphony Orchestra Summerford Concerto Competition

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For the past four years Luthier Jody Summerford has provided a violin for the winner of the North Valley Symphony Orchestra's Summerford Violin Competition. This year's young artist of promise is 20 year old Noel Washington.

Violinist Noel Washington will be performing on his new prized Summerford Violin this Saturday, 7pm, at North Canyon High School, as featured soloist with the North Valley Symphony Orchestra led by Kevin Kozacek. The program is "American Freedoms”---and will wrap up the 2015-16 season. For concert details, visit K-BACH.org. For K-Bach’s Heart of the Arts, I’m Jon Town. This feature was produced by Sterling Beeaff and Jane Hilton.

Photo: From Left to Right, Luthier Jody Summerford, Violinist Noel Washington, and Music Director Kevin Kozacek. Photo credit-Sterling Beeaff.