Heart of the Arts: AZ Pro Arte Presents Summer Series

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(Photo by  AZ Pro Arte)


Due to unforseen circumstances, the Saturday, July 12th Arizona Pro Arte Orchestra Concert at Tempe Center for the Arts has been postponed. For more information on the August and September concerts, click here.

This summer Arizona Pro Arte presents the “Cool Classics” Music Series at the Tempe Center for the Arts. K-BACH’s Jane Hilton asked Music Director Timothy Verville a few questions about the upcoming concerts.

Most of our local orchestras close shop for the summer. Yet, for the second consecutive summer, Az Pro Arte is braving the heat and presenting, not one, but three, classical programs, at the Tempe Center for the Arts. Were last summer's concerts successful? Did you find it challenging to entice an audience to venture out during the 100+ weather? 


We are very excited to again present great professional music during the summer. When we first embarked on our “Cool Classics” series a year ago, we were told that no one was here to attend concerts during the summer. But valley residents proved the naysayers wrong and sold out two of the three performances. The Tempe Center not only has a convenient location, but great air conditioning, which creates the perfect retreat from the heat. 


 Several local musicians will be featured during the August, "European Vacation" concert. Can you introduce us to these performers, and share what you enjoy best about their musicianship?


A few years ago when I was in Boston, I first heard Max Bruch’s Concerto for Clarinet and Viola, a captivating work which dives into the rich registers of the middle voices of the orchestra. Performing this piece provided us the opportunity to really spotlight two players from of our wonderful group of musicians; our principal violist Allyson Wuenschel and principal clarinet Mary Jackson. Both of them posses a perfect balance of technical mastery combined with a refined sense of musicianship. Having the opportunity to share their talents together will create a musical synergy that will not soon be forgotten.


 I understand the last concert of the series, the "Mystery Music Box", will be an audience choice concert. Are there any pieces that will be barred from making the cut? And, are there pieces you secretly hope the audience will choose?


We will have a selection of approximately thirty different pieces on our website from which the audience can vote for. At the performance, we will reveal the six or seven pieces which received the most votes, but with a twist: the order will also be chosen by the audience during the concert. As far as my my secret hopes, well, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore if I told you! But I completely trust our audience to select great music that we will all enjoy.


Concerts aside, how are you and your family going to keep cool this summer? 


We will be making several trips to the Arizona Science Center, one of my children’s favorite places to visit. I also foresee many water balloon battles and running through sprinklers in the backyard, one of my favorite activities with them!