We're making a few changes to the Program Schedule in an effort to increase listenership and to better satisfy K-BACH Listeners who want more variety.  Here's the Scoop:  (read more)

Among the major changes is the retirement of Mozart Buffet during weekday afternoons and From the Top on Sundays. We also added host Linda Cassidy to the on-air team to bring a fresh, new and engaging voice to the airwaves.  You can view the new programming schedule now.

 After critical analysis, we decided to retire the Mozart Buffet, which has been on the air for nearly 20 years, in an effort to engage weekday listeners in a new way and with more variety than the Mozart Buffet can offer.  The Buffet is still open for business Sundays at noon.

 We have decided to schedule some of our hosts in evening blocks to create a more local presence with familiar voices.

 The focus of our programming strategy is to boost audience interaction and connectivity and to generate a more engaging on-air presence. 

 We apologize if these changes pose an inconvenience for you.  These kinds of changes are never easy because we know how passionate some K-BACH listeners can be about their favorite programs.  Please understand, we are making these changes with the very best of intentions—to better serve all K-BACH listeners.

 We are tracking listener responses to this program change and we will be sure to include your comments in our evaluations.  As Always,  we appreciate your engagement and input. 

Thanks for supporting KBACH!