ASU guitarist brings "The Planets" down to earth for six strings

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Thomas Wheeler

Guitarist Thomas Wheeler is a Masters candidate in Jiji Kim’s studio at Arizona State University. His recital is scheduled for Sunday, April 5th, at 2PM in Katzin Concert Hall, a date that was set long before the reality of social distancing. While you won’t be able to be in the hall that day, you can join Thomas for an impressive musical journey on the ASU YouTube channel at the link below.

In the tradition of guitarists like Kazuhito Yamashita, who transcribed orchestral works by Dvorak, Mussorgsky and Stravinsky, Thomas Wheeler has transcribed Gustav Holst's The Planets, which he will play at his April 5th recital.

Sterling Beeaff sat down to talk with the adventurous musician.

Here’s the link to listen in April 5 th at 2:30 and for as long as the performance is on line: