Click to Listen: The Clarinets for Conservation formed 4 years ago to champion the threatened Mpingo, or African Blackwood tree, and promote awareness of the tree’s plight in Tanzania. C4C strives to further sustainable practices by actively engaging students and the community with music. Arizona educator and Clarinetist Katie Palmer is part of the effort.
Composers were veterans too; here's four who served, in various positions, during WWI.
Click to Listen: Sterling Beeaff catches up with Kimberly Marshall, Goldman Professor of Organ at Arizona State University, about her upcoming Handel and Bach recital on the Fabulous Fritts Organ at ASU'S Organ Hall.
Click to Listen: , Zuill Bailey was recently named Guest Artistic Director at the Mesa Arts Center. The award winning cellist chats with K-Bach's Sterling Beaaff about his new role, and the season opener: a concert with 13 year old piano prodigy Emily Bear.
Click to Listen: , K-BACH's Sterling Beeaff chats with award-winning author Stella Pope Duarte about Day of the Dead Traditions, and The Mesa Arts Center's Ninth Annual Dia de los Muertos Festival.