Profile of K-BACH Public Radio Listeners

Profile of K-BACH Listeners

Public radio is a listener supported media service which provides news, information and cultural programming.

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K-BACH 89.5 provides classical music with friendly, educational commentary and information on the local arts community.

Profile of K-BACH listeners

K-BACH 89.5
168,000 weekly listeners*
6,949 members

*Arbitron, Spring 2013

Public radio listeners are decision makers

61% are college graduates

79% are professionals and executives

65% have a household income exceeding $100,000

NPR Profile, 2013

Public radio listeners are committed, community minded people who look for balanced, factual information

95% of public radio listeners have taken direct action as a result of sponsorship, acting on their preference to do business with partners of their station.

80% of public radio listeners hold a more positive opinion of a company when they learn it supports public radio.

75% of listeners prefer to buy products and services from companies that support public radio, when price and quality are equal.

58% of public radio listeners believe companies that support public radio are more credible than those that advertise on commercial radio.

Jacobs Media, 2007

2013 National Public Radio profile
The 2013 National Public Radio profile describes public radio listeners as extraordinarity active and community minded.  They are driven to learn more, to travel more, to become more involved in their communities, and to do more to influence the world around them.  They are also very well educated and tend to earn higher incomes than the general population.


Where does funding for public radio come from?
In fiscal year 2012-2013 K-BACH received revenue from the following sources:


Membership 40%
Underwriting 37%
Federal Funding 8.5%
Other Sources 14.5%