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If you would like to discuss any of the gift techniques mentioned on this website, please contact us.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss how your bequest can play a meaningful role in our future and perpetuate your life values.  We will be happy to discuss all of the memorial bequest opportunities available to you.  Please refer to the following brochures for more information.

Friends of Public Radio Arizona –
K-BACH 89.5 FM
2323 West 14th Street
Tempe, Arizona 85281
Phone: (480) 774-8257

Tax ID: 01-0579687

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When making a decision to include K-BACH in your estate plans, please direct your funds to: “Friends of Public Radio Arizona (FPRAZ). These funds are to be used to support (list either KJZZ 91.5 or  K-BACH 89.5, or list both stations) at the discretion of the FPRAZ board and station leadership.”

You may further specify your bequest to one of our on-going projects.  Please contact us to discuss language that would best meet your needs to be sure we are able to apply the bequest in accordance with your wishes.  For your information, FPRAZ is the entity that stewards all charitable gifts to KJZZ/K-BACH.

Every dollar given to FPRAZ through a bequest or other testamentary gift is fully deductible for federal estate tax purposes when certain legal requirements are met.  An estate tax deduction is allowed for a deferred bequest to FPRAZ even though the bequest provides income benefits to individual beneficiaries.

The tax ID for FPRAZ is #01-0579687.  

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1.   Why charitable bequests to K-BACH 89.5 Public Radio in Arizona are popular

Bequests are gifts made through a will and are an extremely popular way of  providing long-term support for the charitable organizations that are important in our lives.  There are many reasons donors choose to make bequests to K-BACH.  

  • The opportunity to make a statement about personal values.
  • The satisfaction of supporting an important cause to benefit future generations.
  • The ability to directly support either K-BACH or both.
  • Realize financial objectives for your estate through tax benefits.
  • Honoring someone with a “memorial bequest”.

Tax planning can also be an important factor in this decision. With some foresight, you can leave a bequest to the radio stations in a way that will permit you to realize other objectives for your estate.

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2.  Planning a charitable bequest

Every charitable bequest to K-BACH would accomplish several important objectives:

  1. Be a source of great personal satisfaction.
  2. Be an integral part of your basic estate plan and complement all other objectives.
  3. Provide optimal tax and financial rewards for your estate, your family and other beneficiaries.

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3.   Ways to make a bequest

It is important to plan your bequest in a way that will best accomplish all of your estate objectives.  The following are flexible options:

  1. The bequest can be listed in a will or in a codicil.
  2. The bequest can be outright, deferred, or residual.
  3. The bequest can be absolute or contingent upon certain events.
  4. The bequest can be restricted to either K-BACH,  or in general support of both stations.  It can also be designated to a special project or program that is especially important to you.

When you make a bequest to K-BACH, you retain full use of your property, there is no out-of-pocket cost, reduction in net worth, or disruption of cash flow. You can change any bequest provision at any time, leaving you in control of the process.

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4.   It's easy to make a bequest through a codicil

If you have an existing will, you may include or update a bequest to K-BACH through a simple codicil, without the need to execute a new will.  A codicil is simply an amendment or addition to your will and is commonly used to add bequests to an existing will. 

There are important items to consider when utilizing a codicil:

  • A codicil must meet all the requirements of state laws with an existing will.
  • It must be signed by you in the presence of witnesses who must attest to the execution of the document.
  • It is advisable to rely on an attorney to prepare your will and any desired codicils.

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5.   Outright charitable bequest

Typically, a charitable bequest is a direction to distribute a specific asset, or to pay a certain sum of money to a designated charitable beneficiary. This is an outright  bequest, the most popular meth of benefiting public radio. 

 Outright charitable bequests can be made in two ways:

  • A specific sum of money: In this case the donor indicates the amount of the bequest within the will.
  • A specified percentage of the estate net value:  Under this form of bequest, public radio will share in the increases or decreases in the final value of the estate.

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6.   Deferred charitable bequests

A charitable bequest can be deferred with individual beneficiaries receiving immediate benefits and K-BACH receiving benefits from the estate gift at a later time.  A deferred bequest is an excellent tool to provide for dependent relatives while fulfilling your philanthropic desires.  The will can direct a sum of money or a particular property be held in a “charitable remainder trust.”

The trustee can be directed to pay an annual income to family members or other beneficiaries during their lifetime (or a designated period) with distribution of the property to K-BACH following the deaths of those receiving income as a beneficiary.

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7.   Residual charitable bequest

A residual bequest to K-BACH may accomplish your objectives.   The “residue” (residual bequest) of an estate is the amount remaining after all costs, debts and taxes have been paid and all monetary and specific bequests have been satisfied.  This form of charitable bequest can be especially appropriate if you want other bequests to have priority.

 Please Note:  You may choose to give to K-BACH only after priority bequests are paid. You can name several residual beneficiaries and direct how the residual   estate is to be divided among them.

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8.   The choice is yours

Your personal objectives will determine the exact form of your bequest. Consult your attorney for advice on your situation.  We would be pleased to provide whatever assistance you and/or your attorney may request in planning a charitable bequest to K-BACH.

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9.   Financial and tax benefits

K-BACH recognizes that charitable gifts and bequests are motivated primarily by the donor’s desire to provide financial support for the charity.  Tax incentives, however, are important.  Tax benefits may permit you to give more to the public radio stations than you may have previously considered.

Every dollar given to K-BACH through a charitable bequest or other testamentary gift is fully deductible for federal estate tax purposes following compliance of all legal requirements.  If your estate is potentially subject to the federal estate tax, steps can be taken to minimize the impact this tax can have on your beneficiaries by leaving a charitable bequest to K-BACH.  A deferred bequest to K-BACH can also minimize estate taxes and add to the financial security of your family and other beneficiaries.

An estate tax deduction is allowed for a deferred charitable bequest to K-BACH even though the bequest provides income benefits to individual beneficiaries.  This way, you can benefit one or more family members or individual beneficiaries while providing “deferred” benefits for K-BACH public radio.

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10.   Legacy Society

We wish to gratefully acknowledge all who have allowed for charitable bequests to  K-BACH in their estate plans.  In recognition of their support, donors are invited to become members of our Legacy Society which includes special opportunities and benefits throughout the year.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how your charitable bequest will play a meaningful role perpetuating your life values and sustaining our future.  We are available to assist  you to plan your Charitable bequest in order to achieve maximum benefits and personal satisfaction.

We sincerely hope that you will include us in your estate plan.  It will help us plan for the future if we know we can depend on your generous support. 

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Due to the fluid nature of the estate tax law, it is difficult to make definitive statements about the estate tax deduction available for charitable gifts made by a will. Please check with your advisor to see how the current law affects your estate plan.  

Every dollar that is given to FPRAZ through a bequest or other testamentary gift is fully deductible for federal estate tax purposes when certain legal requirements are met. An estate tax deduction is allowed for a deferred bequest to FPRAZ even though the bequest provides income benefits to individual beneficiaries.

For more information please contact:

Planned Giving Office - K-BACH 89.5 FM
2323 W. 14th St.
Tempe, AZ 8528

Phone: (480) 774-8257