Corporate Underwriting

Connect with People Who Shape Greater Phoenix

Stand out from traditional advertising clutter. Connect with a valuable audience. Engage cause-marketing that cultivates clients and consumers.

The audience, the environment and the relationship your organization builds through sponsoring K-BACH make it uniquely efficient and effective.


The public media audience is the closest you can get to a marketing bulls-eye. In a world of fragmented audiences, this unique breed is totally engaged in the noncommercial programming it loves, respects and personally supports. Educated and affluent, they’re into learning more about their community and helping to make it a better place.

Uncluttered Environment

The programming environment on public radio is free of clutter. With an average of only five, 15-second local messages per hour, there is virtually no tune out. Your message will be heard.

Beneficial Relationship

By virtue of supporting K-BACH the connection you build with listeners predisposes their desire to do business with you. A study conducted by Knowledge Networks in 2010, revealed that 85% of public radio listeners have taken a direct action as a result of sponsorship, acting on their preference to do business with station partners. 

Strategic Marketing Partnership Focused on Your Goals

Your K-BACH Public Radio representative will work with you to customize an effective campaign that may include:

  • Broadcast announcements, 15 seconds in length, written in an objective style that listeners expect and prefer.
  • Web and digital products to meet the needs of your digital initiatives.
  • Challenge grants to support nonprofit pledge drives.
  • Special events to help you connect with listeners directly.


Call (602) 824-9480 for more information.