Challenge Grants

Contribute a Challenge Grant

Gain Valuable Exposure for Your Business  

 What is a Challenge Grant?

Challenge Grants are a great way to support K-BACH and motivate other listeners to step forward to do so. When you designate your single gift of $500 or greater to be used as an on-air challenge, then other listeners are inspired to help us make the challenge goal.  The challenge can be to double contributions, receive a specific number of donations, or even gain a specific number of new members.  The Challenge Grant is only received if the challenge is successful.

What are the Benefits? 

  1. Gain valuable exposure with on-air acknowledgement during pledge drives.
  2. Be recognized on the K-BACH website for the corporate contribution.
  3. Show goodwill and create a positive reputation for your company by contributing to public radio.
  4. Inspire others to support public radio and double your contribution when listeners match the challenge.

Contribute a challenge grant today.  Make a difference in public radio!

For more information please contact:

K-BACH 89.5 FM
2323 W. 14th St., Tempe, AZ 85281
Phone: 480-774-8452