Brian Smith

Brian became a fan of public radio at about the same time he picked up a trumpet at age ten in his home town of Atlanta, Georgia. In high school, he added music theory study in attending the Georgia Academy of Music. Brian enlisted in the U. S. Air Force following graduation, playing trumpet in basic training. His military time cut short following a back injury, he was soon playing in college ensembles at Georgia State University as well as a community concert band. His fondest memory as a trumpeter dates to his time as a transient student at the University of Georgia, a two-semester stay just to be in the Redcoat Marching Band during what turned out to be football great Herschel Walker’s last year as a college player.

After college, Brian had a series of what he calls “madcap jobs” before knocking on the door at Georgia’s public radio network, then called Peach State Public Radio. His classical music background and love of the radio format got him hired, and there he stayed for seven years, rising to Music Director, hosting classical and jazz shifts and overseeing programming. As Atlanta began preparing for the 1996 Olympic Games, Brian took a position with Radio Atlanta and its publication, Around the Rings, editing both a newsletter and a Website that covered the business and political aspects of the Olympics and world sport. Greatly missing being on-air in radio, he added a part-time job that turned into a nine-year stay at Atlanta’s NPR affiliate as the local anchor of NPR’s Morning Edition. That not being quite enough on-air work for him, he added an afternoon drive-time position at an eclectic format commercial station in Atlanta, a position that ended with the sale of the station.

During the last few years working the morning position, he began doing voiceovers for business and corporate clients, a sideline that in 2005 led to a fulltime voiceover endeavor, working out of his own home-based studio. After about ten years, he felt radio calling again, specifically the format he first loved as a kid: classical music. Brian is also landscape photographer, a woodworker of the rough-hewn kind, and an avid reader who loves his Kindle.