Click to Listen: The KBACH/Changing Hands Bookstore Book Notes pick for June is Matthew Pearl's New Novel "The Last Bookaneer" "...has all the elements of a good mystery, high-seas adventure, spy novel, and treasure hunt all in one. I liked it a lot, and I think you will, too." --Randy Kinkel, "Book Notes", KBAQ
Click to Listen: KBACH/Changing Hands Bookstore "Book Notes" selection for May: "What Comes Next and How to Like it" by Abigail Thomas.
Click to Listen: The KBACH/ Changing Hands Book Notes selection for April is a beautiful little children’s book called “Winnie—The True Story of the bear who inspired Winnie the Pooh"-- By Sally M Walker, illustrated by Jonathan D. Voss, and published by Henry Holt.
Click to Listen: "Silver Screen Fiend -- Learning about Life from an Addiction to Film" by Patton Oswalt.
Click to Listen: Call Me Debbie—True Confessions of a Down-to-earth Diva, by Deborah Voight, Harper, 2015 "’ll come away from this book not only loving Voights artistry and talent, but also loving her as a person, and admiring her for going through this ring of fire and coming out the other side. After reading this memoir, Debbie’s more than a talented Diva—she’s family." --Randy Kinkel, KBAQ (Meet Debbie at Changing Hands bookstore at 3 pm Feb 15th!)